H1N1 Virus / Swine Flu — Critical Questions & Answers — what you need to know now

(Zanesville Times Recorder) The following are reader-submitted H1N1 questions with answers supplied by Dr. Alissa Ackelson, infectious diseases director of Infection Control, Genesis HealthCare System:

*  Is the H1N1 vaccine  / Swine flu vaccine FDA safe to get and has anyone who has received it died or gotten sick from either the shot or the mist?

*  Does UV light kill the H1N1 virus / Swine flu virus?

*  Is there mercury in the H1N1 vaccine / Swine flu vaccine? If so, how much and whom might it harm?

*  What is the difference between H1N1 (swine flu) and seasonal flu?

*  When will people older than 24 who have chronic health conditions, such as asthma or compromised immune systems, be eligible for the H1N1 vaccine? According to the CDC, this was to be a priority group.

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